Jeannie Chan (Chinese: 陳瀅; born October 22, 1989), is an actress and model based in Hong Kong. She was born in Toronto and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. After graduating from University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Business Administration,[1] she joined the modeling agency Starzpeople.[2] Since then, Jeannie has been in many Hong Kong ads and commercials, usually working with skin care, makeup and fashion brands. In the recent years, she has been a part of a few Hong Kong movies, the most notable one being Cold War (film) in 2012 and Horseplay (2014 film) in 2014.

Television Commercials

  • 2010 Pizza Hut: Commercial for new menu item (Chinese: 海班火山批)[3]
  • 2010 Standard Chartered Bank: New plan (Chinese: 優先理財 「優先全面賞」計劃 - 超錯四眼仔)[4]
  • 2011 1-Day ACUVUE Moist[5]
  • 2011 Hong Kong Disneyland TV Commercial (Chinese: ���躍奇妙)[6]
  • 2011 Lee Kum Kee TVC[7]
  • 2013 Citibank: Credit card ad (Chinese: 信用卡ifc商場簽賬)[8]



  • 2012 Cold War (film) (Chinese: 寒戰) as Nicole
  • 2013 Together (2013 film) (Chinese: 在一起) as Xiaobing/Siu-bing
  • 2013 Piece of Cake (2013 short film) as Michelle [9]
  • 2013 Tales from the Dark 1 (Chinese: 迷離夜) as Mrs Cheungo
  • 2014 Horseplay (2014 film) (Chinese: 盜馬記) as Lee Tan's daughter
  • 2016 Cold War 2


  • 2014 Never Dance Alone (Chinese: 女人俱樂部) as Yung Dan Dan (young)[10]
  • 2015 Raising the Bar (Chinese: 四個女仔三個Bar) as Brittany Fok
  • 2016 Fashion War (Chinese: 潮流教主) as Meg Lam
  • 2016 Blue Veins (Chinese: ) as Yuen Bing
  • 2016 Come Home Love: Dinner at 8 (Chinese: 愛·回家之八時入席) as Wan Fei Fei (young)
  • 2017 The No No Girl (Chinese: 全職沒女) as Miu Si Muse


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