Blue VeinsBreadBrian Tse
Dead WrongFragile LoveFred Cheng
Gilded ChopsticksHighs and LowsI Don't Care
I Would Not PoutIn Front of LoveJames Ng
Jeannie ChanLine Walker: The PreludeLost in Love
Love ChainLove Goes OnLove Takes Courage
Love as a Predatory AffairMoon LauPleasing You
Raising the BarRecipes to Live BySTEP
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Take Me with YouThe Hippocratic Crush llThe Only One
The VoiceThird studio albumThreesome
Triumph in the Skies IITrue LoversVincent Wong
Voice EntertainmentWSM Music Group Ltd.With All My Heart
Wong Cho-lamYou And I一起闯荡去
超級巨聲 The Voice
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File:何雁詩 Stephanie - 夢裡花 Official MVFile:何雁詩 Stephanie - 太想討好你 Official MVFile:何雁詩 Stephanie - 愛近在眼前 (劇集 "踩過界" 片尾曲) Official MV
File:何雁詩 Stephanie - 愛需要勇氣 Official MVFile:何雁詩 Stephanie - 我不會撒嬌 (劇集 "不懂撒嬌的女人" 主題曲) Official MVFile:何雁詩 Stephanie Ho - I Don’t Care Official MV HD
File:何雁詩 Stephanie Ho - 放過 Official MV HDFile:何雁詩 Stephanie Ho - 淚如鐵 Official MV HDFile:何雁詩 Stephanie Ho - 眼淚 (淚如鐵國語版) Official MV HD
File:何雁詩 Stephanie Ho 張子丰 Fred Cheung - 線上情歌 Official MV HDFile:只想可以跟你走.jpgFile:幸福節奏.jpg
File:愛需要勇氣.jpgFile:撲火.jpgFile:綿羊仔 - Single.jpg
File:線上情歌 - Single.jpgFile:鄭俊弘Fred 何雁詩Stephanie - 真心真意 (劇集 "我瞞結婚了" 主題曲) Official MV

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